Staircase spiral curved handrail balustrade

3 of the most inspirational spirals in the world

If you are searching for spiral stairs to gawk at in adoration, then look no further:

1. The Vatican Museum Spiral Stairs
Ah, the famous and incredibly visually stunning set of spiral stairs in the Vatican Museum. These stairs (see image above) were designed by Giuseppe Momo in 1932. Believe it or not, they are actually two spiral stairs combined. Made out of wrought iron, one set of the spiral stairs goes up, and the other set of stairs go down. Essentially, it is formed in the shape of a double helix.

2. The Louvre Museum Spiral Stairs
What’s the deal with spiral staircases being in museums? Well, they do tend to resemble a work of art just like the historical masterpieces they are placed next to – check out previous blog here to read more about staircases and artwork. The spiral staircase at the Louvre Museum was designed by a Modernist architect named I.M. Pei. He was commissioned to renovate the Louvre by the French government in 1984.

3. The Spiral Stairs at St. Paul
There is a gorgeous set of spiral stairs in St. Paul’s cathedral, in our very own capital. Built by William Kempster it is an unsettling spiral staircase that appears to be supported by nothing as it winds up the inside the cathedral’s south-west tower.

Spiral stairs are a perfect example of form following function, and that’s why we love to help create them.