Four Seasons Hotel

We are working on something special at the prestigious Four Seasons Hotel in London.

Contracted by Elite Metalcraft, we have been asked to manufacture & install sapele handrails wrapped in leather to a feature staircase. The curved stair serves as a stunning centerpiece to a new ‘Pavyllon’ restaurant.

We were awarded the job because of our ability to produce the complex continuous handrail and also wrap it within a matter of weeks. In this case, the leather has a continuous stitch to the underside as well as cross-stitch detail at the leather joints. The spectacular design should be complete by the end of July 2023 just in time for the restaurant opening. The concept behind the Pavyllon restaurant aims to encapsulate London’s contemporary and vibrant nature, inviting guests on “an extraordinary culinary journey.”

Hotel staircases are often unique. This year we have worked on the Berkely, Claridges, and now the Four Seasons as well as lining up 33 Knightsbridge for later this summer. Only the best will do for these global brands.

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