CNC Handrail Machining with Carved Details

Complex CNC machining is undoubtedly the future of manufacturing timber handrails.

Routers like ours can cut parts from 50mm long, to 5 metres long with a tolerance of less than 0.1mm, in a fraction of the time it can take a traditional craftsman to hand carve the same detail.

However, sometimes clients do insist on hand carving,  especially heritage work in listed buildings, where ‘traditional’ techniques are used to create and refurbish integral parts of the building.

5 Axis CNC Handrail

In a residential project recently completed in Chelsea, London, our team manufactured over 25 metres of curved continuous handrail with numerous volutes, ramps and swan necks with our 5 axis machines. Then, our expert team took out their chisels and carved some organic details into the European Oak parts to make this a truly unique and one of a kind project.

Carved Wood Stair Railing

We are strong believers in using traditional geometry and methods, but with all the benefits of modern machinery and 3D design software.

As the UK’s leading handrail company, we try an combine techniques used for generations with state of the art technology such as our 3D scanning system.

Keep an eye on our gallery page for a full set of photographs coming soon. Here’s a sneak peak for now…

Carved Railing

The mahogany handrails were hand carved with floral details for this residential project. Our install teams are all trained and qualified in fine woodworking so shaping with chisels and other traditional tools is possible.

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