Advantages of Modern Manufacturing over Hand Carving

Modern manufacture has essentially replaced traditional hand carving methods. Although many mourn the loss of hand carved items, there are numerous advantages attributed to modern manufacturing that make it the ultimate choice. When it comes to selecting your bespoke hand rail for a feature staircase, opting for modern manufacture boasts many benefits.

Repeatability of Identical Parts

Traditional hand carved methods requires the worker or workers to painstakingly reproduce and replicate identical parts over and over again. Not only is this time consuming and costly, but there is a considerable margin for error. Modern manufacture enables identical parts to be repeatedly produced without problems, eliminating the possibility of wastage and ensuring that what you ask for is what you get.


Hand carving is most certainly an art but it requires painstaking exactitude with plenty of room for human error. In some cases, this can create a quaint, charming feel but for true precision, our modern manufacture methods enable us to work to a 0.25mm measurement utilising our CNC and digital surveys for maximised accuracy to create a sleeker, more polished aesthetic appeal. For us, precision is essential. We want to get the look, size, feel and design just right to meet our clients’ specifications.

Off Site Works

Hand carving requires a lot of time spent on site getting it right. A hand carver has to be in your home dedicating a lot of man hours to the preparation of your rail. With modern manufacturing, a vast majority of parts are pre-assembled in our factory which reduces mess and time on site. Overall, off site workers spend less than 75% of time on site than hand carvers do which means that site needn’t be overtaken and your ordinary routine remains undisrupted.


In our modern day world, time is of the essence and once they’ve settled on a rail design, most of our clients want the job completed as quickly as possible.  Craftsmen can work for days on a single piece whereas modern manufacture enables us to simulate each programme and optimise its use for the most efficient speed without compromising on the quality or finish of the final product.


They say time is money and time reflects cost. Therefore, using modern manufacturing methods is the cost-effective option.  Timber hand rails from Handrail Creations are affordable and utilise a brand new method of manufacture which in addition reduces waste. We are more reasonable than you might think but never compromise on quality.

If you are considering a hand rail for your project be sure to consider modern manufacture as a viable option. Make sure that its right for you and feel free to contact us to discuss any concerns or queries you may have.

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