Spiral staircase in an old building with continuous sweeping handrail

Top 5 Features Every Home Should Have

Want to design a home with that ‘wow factor?’ Then here are a few head-turning features you don’t want to miss out.

  1. Continuous Handrail

Nothing radiates demure decadence and ostentatious opulence better than a sweeping staircase handrail. The hallmark of the dream home, any house can be immediately and beautifully bolstered with a look tailored to the home’s overall ambiance. Whether low key elegance or in your face extravagance are your style, a feature staircase creates a remarkable talking point and is a worthwhile investment to increase the value of any home. Although many may acquaint such magnificence with mansions of James Bond proportions, sweeping handrails can easily be incorporated into many an abode making it easier to accommodate than many might think.

  1. Lifestyle Features

Lifestyle features consist of those lavish purchases that provide a practical use; the little dreamy additions to our wish lists that, with a large enough windfall, could become reality. High on most people’s hit lists are swimming pools and home cinemas as well as personal libraries. Harvest Pools is especially popular, as it offers a large range of inground fiberglass pools at best prices. Perhaps all three might be a bit much but creating your own version, albeit a scaled down one, can increase the liveability and value of your home instantly. Anyone who has ever seen the movie Ritchie Rich can attest to the fact that if we had our own dream homes, we’d all add a few inconsequential essentials to make living like a hermit a viable reality!

  1. Spacious Kitchens, Bedrooms and Bathrooms

Most people dream of space and lots of it! Large, playful kitchens, decadent bedrooms and boundless bathrooms always attract because they boost the rooms that we are most desiring of, utilising their efficiency, practicality and function. Homes that boast extra bedrooms and bathrooms win further brownie points! Kitting out your most prevalent and practical rooms with spacious storage, equipment and style really goes a long way.

  1. A Statement Piece

For some, the statement piece may be a lavish chandelier, impeccable garden, antique grandfather clock, a valuable painting or a dining room table that houses the entire family. Whatever statement you choose, pick something in line with your home and own personal sense of style. This is a fun one because a statement piece needn’t cost the earth; it’s simply an item that dresses up your home and says something strongly about it in the process. The options are endless.

  1. Al Fresco Area

Although the weather might not always call for it, come summer, a private serene outdoor oasis is in hot demand with outdoor BBQ patios and al fresco dining areas remaining a huge selling point. Social, communal and effortlessly appealing, the outdoors is just as essential as the indoors!