Top 5 Things to Consider with Handrails in a Commercial Build

When considering investing in a hand rail for your commercial development, there are certain considerations to take into account before taking the plunge.  As we create a range of tailor made bespoke services designed to meet your tastes and requirements, your specifications can effortlessly be accounted for in the manufacture of your rail. Following are 5 questions you should ask yourself before procuring your rail.

Having worked with a wide array of clients on a plethora of commercial builds including hotels, universities, shopping centres and hospitals, we know the importance of factoring in the essentials as we complete your work.

What kind of material do you want?

Hand rails in commercial builds are predominantly composed of one of two materials; either wood or stainless steel. Both have their advantageous qualities. SS has its positive properties offering a sleek, contemporary and modern touch but it is often more expensive than a wooden rail and can look and feel too cold. Wood by comparison lends a room a warmer feel, offering an endless array of potential options as wood can be stained & polished in a range of colours and finishes, and more importantly, shapes. See our downloads sections for options.

What are your building regulations?

It can be hard to navigate this complex terrain which is why we dispatch in-house experts to advise you on how to proceed, helping you to avoid costly mistakes. Obviously when undertaking any large project, you want to be sure that you aren’t jeopardising the specification and safety of the build.

How much should it cost?

When most people commit to a new fixture, they become preoccupied with cost. In some circumstances, low costs conceal hidden fees further down the track. We know that what we install will be fitted on time, first time, and as such quality should be the key focus. The overall cost will depend on the scale of the project, but if you send details of the project to our qualified team you’ll be surprised at the cost savings we can offer.

Is there any wastage?

Typically with timber rails, the material often needs to be cut to length on site, which is why it is very important to consider wastage as this can have a detrimental environmental impact & adds time and cost to install. Handrail Creations specify & produce to your exact requirements – our handrails are all pre-assembled off site, guaranteed through various concepts including drawings, digital surveys, high machine tolerances and experienced fitting teams.

Are you working with the right team?

In our opinion, the most essential aspect to consider is the team you are working with. Are they able to deliver and fit your handrail on time? Are they working alongside you every step of the way to ensure that they deliver you the desired product?

If you can answer all these questions then click here to speak to a member of the Handrail Creations team, and see if we’re the right people for the job.