London Airport Retail Fit-Out

Drawing on our skills, imagination and ‘can do’ attitudes, the team successfully created an oversized traditional pillar post box to be used as part of a retail fit-out display project. Charming, polished and one-of-a-kind, the post pox is resounding proof that the company doesn’t limit its expertise to custom-made handrails.

Although the project is not within our usual remit, we decided to say yes, and accept the challenge. It’s always a good idea to push the guys out of their comfort zone and into a realm of manufacturing problems that they wouldn’t normally face. This not only keeps them challenged and interested, but that’s what keeps us at the forefront of manufacturing what others cannot.

Combining advanced technology with a genuine passion for innovation, Handrail Creations prides itself on the ability to bring the visions of its clients to life, no matter how extravagant or unusual.  Measuring almost a metre in diameter, the latest creation definitely tested the team’s expertise. The solid tulipwood crown was custom made in the purpose built factory and features intricate details that demanded the company’s full five axis machining capabilities. Yet despite the complexity of the job, the team pulled together to manufacture a bespoke creation that delivered on time, budget and quality.

Mark Bennett, Buyer at Edmont Joinery says “Kenny Macfarlane and Handrail Creations worked with us on this bespoke project to recreate larger versions of a traditional Royal Mail pillar box, to cap bespoke display units for one of our airport retail fit-out projects. We are very pleased with the quality of the work they produced and impressed that it was delivered ahead of schedule. We look forward to working with Handrail creations again soon.”

Thanks to its innovative manufacturing approach and capacity to think outside the box, Handrail Creations remains at the forefront of its industry.

Whether it’s a stunning timber handrail or an oversized novelty post box, our team of highly skilled craftsmen have the knowledge and expertise to execute even the most abstract of client requests.

To find out more about Handrail Creations and its commitment to unrivalled quality, expertise and innovation, get in touch.

Painted timber post box for use in airport duty free

CNC post box top, finished with 5 axis machine manufactured from solid timber.