Creating Memorable Impressions: Handrails in Commercial Spaces

We are dedicated to designing, manufacturing, and installing bespoke timber handrails for a wide range of residential and commercial applications.  We understand the art of creating bespoke handrails that leave a lasting impression. With our meticulous approach to project management, we have become the go-to choice for commercial projects in the UK.

We have had the privilege of working on a wide range of flagship retail stores, prestigious universities, iconic landmarks, and corporate headquarters. Let’s take a closer look at some of the notable projects from our commercial gallery:

Educational Establishments:
Regarding educational institutions, we have left our mark on prestigious locations such as

Our handrails not only provide safety and support but also contribute to the overall architectural beauty of these campuses.

Essex University

Retail Spaces:
In the world of retail, we have collaborated with renowned brands like:


Hugo Boss


Atlantis Kitchens

Harvey Nichols

By seamlessly integrating handrails into the store’s designs, we helped create an inviting and seamless shopping experience for customers. From flagship stores to shopping centers like West Quay, our handrails add a touch of sophistication to these commercial spaces.

Hermes Project

Office Environments:
We understand the importance of creating functional and visually appealing handrails in office environments. Our expertise is evident in projects like:

Interserve HQ

Hanover Square

Facebook offices

Finchatton’s Physic Place.

These handrails provide safety and contribute to the workspace’s overall aesthetics, leaving a positive impression on employees and visitors alike.

Offices Project

Preserving Heritage:
We had the privilege of working on heritage sites, including listed buildings such as:

Buckingham Palace

3 Robert Street

Chatsworth House

The Old War Offices

Various embassies

Our team understands the delicate balance between preserving the historical significance of these locations while incorporating modern handrail designs. Our contracts team ensures that the correct material is specified, finishes are applied in line with traditional techniques, and of course, the use of our 3D scanner means that our accuracy is second to none. With a focus on quality craftsmanship and client service, we’ve delivered successful commercial projects across the UK for almost a decade.

Robert Street

Do you have an upcoming commercial project that needs memorable handrails? Contact us today to discuss your vision.

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